When we deny our interior lives to others, we deny ourselves all knowledge of it as well. We are unaware of what, unhindered, they would choose to do, how they presently feel, the strength of their of their resolve, what may in consequence ensue. My greastest insights are sought when i’m just engaged in some monotonous deal over an issue. Like for instance now, I know am typing but am also conscious of the fact that this comes about when not thinking and yet doing at such a deep level that it goes unnoticed,many times.

I stay and watch the kid walk off, or drift off, or slouch off, or skip off. The variety of his walking, through the years, seared into my memory now, like ineradicable chemicals on indestructible phtographic film.


I know, many a times I dont say things cogently, sometimes they are build, one after a


nother not nevessarily conducive to each other, but persistent.



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