Borrowed by – o “My next book is a linguistic autobiography – my process of learning Italian”

“Clearly, human life was not easy, peppered with bonds of love, laced with a tug of war between trust and vanity.”

 He says reading novels by non-English writers changes his perspective of a country, like reading ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe changed his perception of colonizers and the colonized. Jonathan Franzen agrees and adds that, “the worst way to be universal as a writer, seems to me, is to seek to be universal.” He also admits that the scariest thing of this increasingly globalized world is the homogenization of global culture.

 “focus on English is distressing”, and English has a currency nowadays. It is commercial and regional books get less recognition. “It is shameful, the lack of translation, the lack of energy put in,” she adds. “Someone can translate a book, re-translate a book, different things can happen to introduce a book to the global market.”

“The power should lie with the readers”, she adds.

“Without economic development, there cannot be any political development.” – Reza Aslan


A famous philosopher and admirer of Ayn Rand wrote in his Philosophical Investigations once that “we see visual sense-data through our eyes, we hear aural sense-data through our ears, and we grasp concepts through our reason.

TALK about ‘work-life balance’ is indeed a tricky topic, almost like walking on a tightrope and more so in the current age when ‘more’ and ‘higher’ seem to be the mantras. There seems to be a maddening rush these days to earn more, purchase more, possess more, acquire more but Banker raises very apt questions: Is this desire for more, leading us to a cult of self-help? Is life only about self-help?



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