Classic Of The Month: Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte, Joyce Carol Oates

The book is an antecedent to many modern individual-centric, coming-of-age and romance novels, and is a must-read classic even today.

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Even after nearly seventeen decades of its first publication, Jane Eyre remains adored all around the world. The fictional autobiography and love story was published in 1847 and adapted into numerous film, television and theatre versions. It is as enjoyable and engrossing as holiday reading and as layered as a school/college textbook. The novel that secured Charlotte Brontë (or Currer Bell, the name she adopted to author this) a spot in the revered canon of English literature is noted for its memorable titular character and her stirring life story, the passionate love between Jane and the mysterious-and-attractive Mr Rochester, its intellectual and religious debates, and the dark, Gothic undertones.

For the uninitiated, Jane Eyre is, as the title suggests, the story of Jane, a plain, shy orphan born in 19th century England, who is unloved and abused by the relatives she lives with at Gateshead, and is sent off…

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