The Blind Man’s Garden – Nadeem Aslam

‘An artist is never poor’, he says almost reassuring the audience. ‘He says an artist should never lose heart.’ Not alluding, stating it quite blatantly and buoyantly – Hope is tragic, as well.
‘Despair has to be earned’, he concludes to a standing ovation as he leaves the stage.

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Nadeem BnW

Nadeem Aslam comes in as a quiet wisp of breeze and takes his seat on the stage. The audience cheers him as is customary of fans. He is at the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) to speak about his latest novel ‘The Blind Man’s Garden’, among other things.

He hails from Pakistan but made his mark as a revered master of the art of writing, in UK.

Speaking of the book he begins by saying ‘The story is set in a fictional town by the name ‘Heer’, it’s the same name as of the character in Waris Shah’s Heer-Ranjha. I based the name as such because I wanted to connect myself to my land through its folklore.’

He looks around while speaking, rarely making eye contact with any in the audience. You can’t help but notice how he seems to look, at the ground or skyward, most of the time while…

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