Why Working Hard Is Not Good Enough?

Penguin India Blog


I have seen scores of students, working professionals, and young entrepreneurs really working hard and trying to scale the ladder of success. Every other person you meet is busy answering emails, filling reports, learning, inventing, selling, sweating it out, and hitting the road. In short, running very hard, pushing themselves to achieve, accomplish, and be happy in their lives.

But then, when they look back at all the hard work they put in, and the culminating results, they aren’t as happy. Interestingly, less than two percent of entrepreneurs succeed, only fifteen percent employees get the best hikes, promotions and appraisal ratings, less than a percent who apply to good colleges make the cut, and less than a percent get to senior management positions and higher.

So are these people any less smart than those others who have accomplished a lot more? Not necessarily! But then there are subtle and yet…

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