Highway, Film.

Film review – Highway

Highway is completely free of grey. There is no sense of threat or danger, and no tension in this equation. Ali’s only concern seems to be to make captivity an ideal in which two fissured souls can find each other. Every gesture and every dialogue of the rich family that Veera has left behind appear stupid and caricatured, while everything about the road and the rogue have a veneer of purity.

The music by the legend himself, A.R. Rahman, just doesn’t go wrong at all. To a certain extend it is the music that makes this journey more captivating. The tracks have been very well woven into the storyline, thus, it doesn’t seemed forced of jerky. As for the songs ‘pataka guddi’ shows the free spirit of Veera, whereas, ‘sooha saha’ (sung by Alia Bhatt) makes us connect to pain in Mahabir. Kudos to the cinematography by Anil Mehta. Be it the mountain terrain or the long stretch of roads; irrespective it has a very inviting feel.

 ImageywooImageImageImagehoddImageImageImageImageImageSometimes, words seem so futile, i’d rather write a book with empty pages. Image


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