lives unloved

If you find yourself awake in the middle of night worrying, with thoughts whirling round repeatedly in your head, I’ ve several strategies you can try. The list goes on as – Try and think about some good food dish you haven’t has for years and yearn for it, assiduously.

Give away to your usual dependable self who usually goes overboard with all feeling and alternatively caressing thoughts for an immediate bright future. 

Don’t at that hour give away to your anxieties, existential dilemmas are a little difficult to bear but at a deep dark level we all know that our illusions need to be maintained for us to go on..

 alternating clunkily between melancholic and hyper, you would ideally some time off yourself, stroke your self with warm thoughts, create a wildly implausible character that inspires or nurtures your delusions, for a while.

This post comes after a moment, a day of uneasiness and anxiety of work undone, thoughts unwritten and lives unloved.  


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