The overman

The small men ask only: How is man to be preserved best, longest and most agreeably? They are concerned solely with small virtues. The Overman wants not topreserve man, but to overcome man.

And Zarathustra spoke: ‘Relevance? She is new. She is a shy one. She is from the desert, so I love her, though she is the enemy of all. Beware of any who call upon her. Keep for her a second stick! But you will not need them. She is too quick for you, Modern Reader. If you approach her baring even a twig or a ball of twine, she will wither you down with a simple glance or a flick of her hair, and suck from you every ounce of gold you thought you had between your ears; between your ribs and spine; between your heels and between your hands.

‘And he that calls upon her is the under-man, but it is not just this that makes him so. He has overcome his other, and this has made of him a self; and because of this it has made for him a self. So he must call on Relevance (though she is his enemy) or lose completely what he has become; and this he is afraid of most, because he is always on a stage now, always, and he is never quite sure he has learned his lines.


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