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“An intrepid monk speaks of existential euphemisms and internet puns in a single breath. An investment banker, on a self-taken sabbatical, comes to the city of Mumbai, only to fall for a photographer recluse and be persuaded by a Dhobi she earnestly befriends. The sleaze and drama behind the infamous C-grade film industry is laid bare, with no hidden flesh, quite literally. And a man waits, in his could-be-just-about-any job, for the lunch hour to strike, so he may readily consume the dabba that awaits him, even though he holds little or no knowledge of the artist who fervently prepares it.”


Qissa – By Anup Singh


The partition that claimed many victims, physical and psychological, remains a subject that is often tread to evoke a sense of drama. In this tale of post partition complexity, Anup singh weaves a tale of a Sikh woman masquerading as a man at the behest of her father, and is then married off to a woman giving rise to a situation that is both unpredictable, and bewildering. A man entrapped by the demons of his lost land, and yearning for a rewarding offspring, leads to a situation that goes to haunt every character.

A film still from 'Qissa.'


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