Lessons on a Mountain Top; the beginning.

listening to the rumbling one !

Tapshi Dhanda


Today, I finished exactly one month and five days on a mountain top, doing something I honestly never imagined I would butsecretlyalwayshopedI’d have the nerves to. And I’m getting into the thick of it; the good kinda thick.

7100ft above sea level, somewhere in the ranges of the Himalayas, I currently teach a bunch of third graders at an adorable school. Yes, I used adorable as an adjective for a school; it’s totally legit. Stark white walls, blue-green tin roof and sunflower yellow windows; it’s the kind of happy-shiny school you would make if I gave you wax crayons and asked you to draw a school in the pahads. Only, this one is better, because it is alive with a big, pounding, love-pumping heart. Oh and of course, it comes complete with precious cuties – tinylicious things with pink cheeks, pahadi swag and what not…

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