A Tale Of Love And Loss

Crazy Mind's Eye

My grandmother passed away at 3 a.m. today [7th June 2014]

Death is cold. When you come in close contact with it, it leaves you numb. In that numbness, caused by death, memories come to life and in that pool of vacuum created by death thoughts beat it arms and legs trying to keep itself afloat. We try to make sense of death, make sense of life, at the face of death.

Two years ago when I was struggling to come to terms with my grandfather’s death a new realization started dawning. Between his death and the death of my grandmother today there was a narrative of love, loss, loneliness and companionship which unfolded before my mind’s eye.

Four years ago [July 2010] Susheela H.L. Acharya, my grandmother, had survived a major heart attack. She had got an attack while she was in the ICU. That night the doctor had…

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