Seriously, who writes Modi’s blogs?

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While I would promptly concur with any sane person who thinks that this is the least of our worries, I have to return to a suspicion I expressed in an earlier post – at least one of the writers of blog posts attributed to ‘Narendra Modi’ is someone based in the USA who basically lifts American political idiom wholesale, regardless of its relevance to the Indian situation. The posts sound absurd, or should, to any reasonably aware person, but the Indian media seems to lack even one such person in its ranks. Hence the brain-dead way in which these blogs are reported, with much enthusiasm and empathy for the PM.

The first one I noticed was a blog post reported at the end of polling, in which ‘Narendra Modi’ said :

Lets place people over politics, hope over despair, healing over hurting, inclusion over exclusion and development over divisiveness…

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