Why is Prof. Aijaz Ahmad so Shame-faced? – Part II

One of the main reasons for anarchism gaining hegemony in these movements should be traced back to the 1950s and the 1960s, when imperialist intervention by the social imperialist Soviet Union in the Eastern Europe led to the disillusionment with Socialism itself. So Lyotard postulated that all metanarratives, that is to say, all progressive projects of change are the remnants of the gone-by age of Modernity, and claimed that we have now entered the post-modern age when all these metanarratives have become meaningless; Michel Foucault informed that there is no escape from power, therefore any organized resistance of power is futile; if you resist power in an organized way, then that resistance itself will become a structure of power; that is why, any idea of organized people’s resistance is futile because when you resist in an organized way, you become subordinate to certain norms, and every concept of universal value, norm or generality is a concept of power. It is a repressive concept; if there is anything that you can do, it is opposing the concept of all kinds of norms, universal value and generality; this is essence of the Foucault’s entire method of thought. Thus, the process that attained its apogee during 1968 in Paris had more negatives than positives.

Red Polemique

Then Prof. Ahmad proceeds and concedes that one of the reasons for the collapse of “Social Europe” is also the surrender of social democracy in front of the neoliberal agenda. He opines that after the “collapse of communism” and “surrender of social democracy in front of neoliberalism”, anarchism has become the principal ideology of the protest movements. We come back to the point of anarchism later. We have already undertaken a brief review of Prof. Aijaz Ahmad’s thoughts on the so-called “collapse of communism”, however, his observations pertaining to social democracy are totally correct. The Labour Party in Britain, the Democratic Party in the US, Social Democratic Party as well as the French Communist Party in France, Social Democratic Party in Germany and in the similar way, various social democratic parties working in other countries of Europe with different names too, had openly surrendered in front of capitalism right since…

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