The New Elitists, by Shamus Khan

Class Musings

The New Elitists, by Shamus Khan

Above is a fascinating New York Times article of the Bobos in Paradise genre that investigates the cultural tastes of the new class of educated elites – the meritocracy-obsessed, idealistic, and intellectual class that seems, as journalist Shamus Khan here notes, to have replaced the more overtly elitist WASP-y old money class of yesteryear.  But while they may not be “highbrow snobs”, are these educated elites truly less snobby, or is their snobbery merely more implicit that that of their predecessors?   These “cultural omnivores,” as Khan terms the new class and its brand of multi-cultural, globally-focused, inclusive and intellectualizing habitus, have cultivated a hegemonic culture that expounds the ideals of  all-inclusiveness and anti-elitism but which is just as insidiously ecxlusive and limiting – determining what kind of cultural capital is to be  valued and which kind of people are to be successful in…

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