Of Queerness and resistance

“Beyond the Trinity of breasts and the forest of Pubic Hair ”

An site of representation of discursivity and ruptures at Ambedkar University. ( Museum of Desire )


Privately, and now, publically we all hope for an amicable position which canIMG_20140923_141209951_HDR IMG_20140923_150756203_HDR IMG_20140923_150910048_HDR IMG_20140923_154914604_HDR IMG_20140923_154920241_HDR

go beyond articulations of the self/ individual with the school, at the same time stating a demand for explanation of events, in addition to creation of a critical space. As suggested, an engagement should be allowed made possible simultaneously from all stakeholders, with a synchronized step forward while continually gazing backwards, to keep the memory alive and discursive action to assume a role of engagement of the past with the future. Actual history occurs, so to speak, on credit; only subsequently development will decide retroactively if the violence in the act will be forgiven, legitimated, or if it will continue to exert pressure on the ‘involved’ as its unsettled debt.


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