Starting a new life

Cliché is a very strong word. Throughout my life I have been frustrated with it. Boring classes in the boring student life followed by boring work life where everything goes according to what everybody expects! It is highly frustrating to always go through same cycle that everybody else goes through, despite my wannabe revolutionary instincts. That is why I wanted to change something, shake up my life a bit and see what happens.

I have changed quite a few things of late. It started with changing my own den. In fact searching for the home gave me the idea to be more optimistic. As I searched for new accommodation, I also came across this video.

It was somewhat esoteric. While the value proposition was obvious, it also told me that I should try to have a positive lookout, something I had been lacking of late. So, I have been looking at the world around me in a more enthusiastic manner of late. Here is what I have done for the same.

  • Firstly, as I mentioned earlier, I changed my place. A new home and a new locality shake life a bit. It makes us adjust and meet new people. It is good for the mind too. In fact, I think everyone should change location after every couple of years. Too much stability kills off creativity.
  • I am more active creatively now. I write more often and exploring various other forms of creative expression. I will discuss those details some other time in the future but I am sure that it has been the most active phase of my life and I have forced myself to do it.
  • I am also more active professionally now. I have been actively reaching out to people and seeking new opportunities. I have not been busier at any other point of time. A lot of freelance opportunities have opened up simply because I have been more proactive in seeking them.
  • Even academically I am getting more creative ideas now. Being energetic in other fields has brought these dividends and given me new ideas.
  • More importantly, I feel more confident to plan for bigger things for the future. While it is too early to divulge the details, rest assured that there will be many more exciting things in the future.

Overall, the point that I am trying to make here is that just by shaking up my personal space a little bit and being proactive, I am noticing better results. I do not want to preach, I have not yet reached that level of success to preach others. But I just want to share a few things that is making me feel better about my work and also my life in general.


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