Ek Nayi League: Win Win for the Audience

I rarely watch TV reality or game shows. As a matter of fact I rarely find time to watch TV. But as I just found it very intriguing when I stumbled on the video promo of Ek Nayi League. In fact there are several videos that have been released. All of them feature Kapil Dev, who will host the show. In each video he is talking about various celebrities who are likely to take part in the show.

Now I like the way these promos have been made. They are not giving it away. They are not telling us what it is but there are several unrelated videos where Kapil is talking about his interactions with different celebrities. There are usual suspects like Dhoni and Yuvraj but he also talks about the likes of Sania Mirza and Kapil Sharma.


I am not completely sure what the show will actually involve. He will probably invite a lot of celebrities and ask them to participate in various tasks or games. I do not see them playing pure cricket as that will tilt it heavily in favor of real cricketers. So, I think they will invent their own games to involve these celebrities with their unique, eccentric rules to make it interesting for all the participants. I also like the fact that they are talking about celebrities from different fields and not restricting it to cricket, which is what I initially expected seeing Kapil. This should also make it more interesting for the viewers.

But more interestingly, what is exciting me is the fact that Kapil is directly talking to the viewers. He is saying that if the viewers plays with all her heart, she can win too. Although he is using various cricketing terminology to say the same thing, the signs could not be more ominous. So, this is what I think about this show, although it will involve celebrities from different fields, it will ultimately involve the audience. Just like the game shows such as KBC, the viewers will be able to interact and participate with all the big names and play small games to win prizes. This will serve two purposes. Firstly they will of course get a chance to win something big. Secondly, they will also get a chance to meet their favorite celebrities on the show. So it is a win win situation for everyone.

Another reason for my optimism is that they are already running contests for the potential winners. This means the show really means to involve the audience. So, I think we should really look forward to it. In the meanwhile we can try to win Rs 100000 by guessing what the show is about in the Ek Nayi League website. Go ahead, try your luck!


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