My Airtel App: Something for Everyone

I just came across the new My Airtel App is here. It is not that they had no apps before. But this one tries to up the game with a lot of ambitious plans. I just stumbled on this app yesterday and since then I have been using it to try out various features offered by it. So, far, I can say that I am extremely pleased. Let me explain a few features that have helped me to come to this conclusion.

1. Integration of all services:
I use multiple Airtel services. I use it on my phone which as expected has the component of talk time and data usage. On the other hand I also have an Airtel dongle which I use for heavier internet usage on my laptop. Keep track of all these connections, their bills and payments along with their deadlines was a headache. But through this app, you can have them all in one place. The good news is that it is very easy to do and you will never miss a deadline again. It also instantly shows relevant information such as data and talk time remaining. So, gone are the days of those confusing SMS’ to check balance like the olden days.

2. Recharge any Airtel number:
Another good feature is that I can recharge not only mine but any Airtel number whenever required through this app. Now why this is important is because I have a lot of elder family members who are not comfortable using smartphones or internet. This feature helps me to recharge for them too without any complexity or hiccups. In a way, it has come as a boon for many joint families where people take care of their elders. If you are a generous soul and have a lot of friends and family depending on you. This app may be a boon for all of them.

3. Finally, it has also integrated Wynk music, the music app of Airtel. So, I do not need to install another app for music and can just access all the latest releases through this app only, thus making it very convenient. It allows me to browse through a large collection of songs and not only stream but also to download them. So, you will never have a dull moment while you have your phone.

While these three features have made my life easier, as a matter of fact the App has many other features and it even offers your regular gifts such as discount vouchers and cash backs on occasions. So, I think this is a very welcome edition to my phone. As it has helped me do several tasks with one app, I could remove some other apps and free up some space in my phone too.

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