Surf Cricket with Yuvi and UC Browser

I just came across this series of ads starring Yuvraj Singh, my favorite cricketer! I think they are really hilarious and there are many versions of the ad where he plays different types of characters including a Nepali and a South Indian, showing his acting prowess. It almost reminded me of the famous Coke ads of Amir Khan where he played characters from different ethnicity. Have a look at these ads.

Now, why am I talking about this? Because, apart from the ad, I really found the product to be interesting. I am not a hardcore cricket fan but I do keep track of the matches, especially when India is playing. Even when I cannot watch the matches prefer to keep an eye on the scores. But my work keeps me busy and makes me travel more often than not and so it gets difficult to manage at times.

I remember a few years ago my father used to subscribe to SMS services when we traveled. It used to be very frustrating as they provided very delayed information. Sometimes we got to know the result through other sources even before the SMS actually arrived. The advent of smartphones made it a bit better. Now we could get full access internet on the go without compromising with the features. But there was one problem, the network! At many places networks were not strong and even when I had a 3G plan, I noticed that I was only getting 2G speed. Naturally most of the sites I wanted to open actually failed when I needed them. Although network coverage is gradually increasing all over the country, still it is irregular and especially when you are accessing feature heavy sites and apps, it gets really difficult at times. I have seen my browse crush many a times while attempting to watch videos.

So, this is why I am excited about the UC browser mentioned at the start. Actually I have been really ignorant about this until recently. It seems that it has been there for more than a decade but I never knew about it!. But anyways, thanks to the Yuvi ad, I now have it on my phone and it is working fine. It utilizes some cutting edge data compression technology that makes it lighter and faster and so it works even when the network strength is lower than ideal. More importantly, understanding the importance of cricket in India, it has introduced UC cricket, that provides lives scores, results, fixtures, latest news and videos right at the homepage and you can even set reminders for the matches you need to follow. Overall, I think it is a very interesting solution that is fine tuned to the Indian market. I would like them to further improve it, targeting other Indian passions such as elections results and Bollywood.

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