Airtel 4G: Finally Travel the Way You Want


Sometimes I wonder why simple things become so difficult in life. I live a simple life and just want to do a few things that I love but even that cannot happen smoothly. It is very frustrating but I face it all the time.

For instance I love listening to songs while I travel and I travel a lot. The problem is that my tastes are diverse and I cannot keep listening to the same songs for a long time. So, it is hard to keep a collection with me too. I rely on the internet to listen to songs and even tune into obscure radio stations at times. But as you know, more often than not I end up irritated with broken down and incomplete songs. I do need better speed for this.

I am also a big watcher of online videos. I watch old, public domain movies and a lot of interesting and obscure material. I am also building up my own repository of big certain rare films I like. So, download is a big part of my daily schedule and yet again, my travel schedule does not go with this other hobby and I can seriously do with an alternative. This is exactly why I am really looking forward to Airtel 4G which promises to be a game changer. It will surely be faster but it needs to be seen how fast it can go.

As of now I expect the 4G to have the following impact in my life,

Firstly it will make my travels better. I will not have to cut down on the media I consume because of lack of bandwidth as I travel. Of late I have formed the habit of making long, solo travels, just for that sense of adventure. While it is great, at times it does get lonely and this is when I need to do something to keep myself occupied. My phone is my one stop joint for all my entertainment needs. But it needs the crutch of a good connection, which can be provided by the new Airtel 4G.

Secondly, down loading anything is no longer an issue. Earlier, I used to download only when I was at home, working on my desktop. Now I can use my phone to do the same at any place and at any given time. I means I have more immediate access to anything I want and I do not have to keep waiting for anything.

I believe improved speed will in general improve our working lives too. I remember once I could not complete an important assignment simply because I was away and my weak connection could not even download the email attachment. Such occurrences should become a thing of the past now.


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